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romano-is-crying said: Aw, you’re really cute!! :D Your face is pretty, and I like your hair. ^-^ (Not sure what the box thing is, I just…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of you before, so yes.)

 gahh thank you!!

匿名 whispered: can we see your proof of being aph netherlands


so not exactly aph Netherlands but u get the idea

translation: I wish money would fall from the sky





*aph america voice* alfred??? more like alfRAD‏

*aph england voice* alfred??? more like alFRAID of ghosts

*aph america voice* bro

*aph england voice* not anymore.




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This is like a quick overview about me and my blog.

I'm a Hetalia blog, I post aesthetics, communism and music I like from time to time.

I also make a lot of non hetalia posts but those will always be deleted by the end of the day

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Morning and Evening music at 7:15 and 21:15

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